Our Process

Selecting your finish. We have a number of stock cabinet colors and glazing color choices for you to choose from. If you would prefer a custom color, we can certainly do that. There will be a small upcharge for custom colors however. If you are selecting a custom color sample, we will provide one for you to approve prior to beginning the job.

Starting your project. Once you’ve selected your color and finish, we will schedule a day and time to come out to your house and start your project. The first day we come out and remove your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. If the drawer fronts are not detachable, we will need to take the entire drawer with us. This process usually just takes a few hours. Each door and drawer will be labeled so we know where it goes once it’s been refinished. It’s important that throughout the cabinet refinishing process you leave the tape markers in place.

Beginning the refinish. We will take your doors and drawers (or drawer faces) back to our shop where we begin the process of sanding, priming, and applying the new finish. If you are changing hardware or need the holes filled on your existing doors or drawers, please be sure and let us know this ahead of time.

Refinishing your bases. In a day or two, we will be in touch to schedule a time for one of our refinishers to come out to your house and begin the light sanding and finishing on your cabinet bases. This is usually a two day process. The first day will just be the light sanding and priming. The second day will be the application of the finish. We typically use a latex product for this process. The odors and VOC are much safer for you and your family, and the dry time and durability is optimal for your cabinets. We typically spray a lacquer finish on your doors and drawers. While there is a slight difference in the feel of the two products, visually they look the same, and we have found that this combination of products produces a superior result.

Installing your refinished cabinets. On the final day of your project, we will bring out the completed doors and drawers (or drawer faces) to your home for the final install. This is also when we will go through and do any touchups and final base coating. Once all your doors and drawers are installed, we will inspect all surfaces to make sure the site is in pristine condition. At this point we will also put back on your knobs or pulls.


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